Teamwork is an essential part of every workplace, just as it is in sailing as crew members must work together, using clear and efficient communication, to perform their roles precisely to achieve success. What better way to foster team work, communication and trust than enjoying the experience of sailing our yachts on the Swan River? For a more structured team building program, we offer half and full day team building workshops.

Our team building program is built around a professionally facilitated workshop, “Teamwork is Everything”, based on Andy Fethers’ successful sailing experiences competing in 4 Americas Cups and holding two World Sailing titles.

Held in a meeting room at the prestigious Royal Perth Yacht Club, the workshop covers a range of team building activities and the theoretical elements of team dynamics in both half-day and full-day formats. Catering is available.

Following the workshop participants are broken into teams of 5 to 7 people per yacht. Once on board with their experienced instructor, teams receive a comprehensive safety briefing followed by an explanation and allocation of roles required to sail the yacht.

After a practice sailing session to familiarise participants with their roles, a series of short races are conducted with team members coached to build upon their understanding of the elements of team dynamics discussed in the workshop. Racing against other yachts provides teams with a measure of their performance and highlights the importance of the essential elements of teamwork in reaching defined goals.

On completion of racing, teams return to shore and are guided through an analysis of their progress throughout the sailing activity to consolidate the lessons taught in the workshop.

Prior to the day, the workshop facilitator will meet with you to discuss your objectives for the training day so that we may customise the program to maximise the relevance to your team.

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