2019 Inter Club Championships

2019 Inter Club Championships

Friday 5th, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April 2019

The 27th Edition of Swan River Sailing’s Inter Club Championships was hosted by South of Perth Yacht Club on the second weekend of April 2019. As always, the first session of racing was for the ‘Veterans’ on Friday evening, followed by the ‘Womens’ session on Saturday morning, leaving two sessions for the ‘Opens’ on the Sunday to conclude the series.

Session 1, ‘Veterans’, was again won by Royal Perth Yacht Club’s Gordon Lucas, Skip Lissiman, Kingsley Piesse, Leon Murphy, Tim Ward and Mike Hughes in a tight affair with Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club’s team, helmed by Peter Chappell. The victory was awarded on countback when South of Perth Yacht Club, helmed by Greg Tonnison, narrowly pipped Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club on the line to a second place in the last race squaring the results for the Royals Clubs on 6 points apiece.

Session 1 photos can be found HERE

Session 2, the ‘Womens’, was sailed in virtually no wind but the South of Perth Yacht Club Start Team of Les Swinton (Race Officer), John Rooke, Trish Swinton, Joh Midolo, Rose Midolo & Lana Laaks managed to run two races on a zephyr. Sandy Anderson’s Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club team (Susie Parker, Chelsea Hall, Trish Ford, Hayley Clark, Bronwyn Rose & Mia Lovelady) tied the session for 1st place with country club, Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club, helmed by Rosie Rowell.

Session 2 photos can be found HERE

On Sunday, it all came down to Session 4 as three clubs were tied on 9 points heading into the final session; Royal Perth Yacht Club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and East Fremantle Yacht Club, with South of Perth Yacht Club only two points behind on 11.

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club’s team of Ethan Prieto Low, George Boulden, Adam Brenz-Verca, Marcello Torre, Tom Blaauw, Ben Walsh and Hayley Clark sailed a perfect Session 4. Ethan and crew took 5 conservative boat end starts, held their lane to the port edge of the course and chipped away cleanly to post five Second Places to, not only win the session, but the overall series for their home club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

It was just as close for the Country Club’s Trophy, with defenders Jervoise Bay Sailing Club and Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club also enetering the last session on equal points (16). After a tight weekend of racing, Jervoise Bay Sailing Club came through in the end to keep the trophy for another year, finishing as the highest place Country Club in this year’s Inter Club Championships.

Session 4 photos can be found HERE

Overall results can be found HERE

East Fremantle Yacht Club stood out with a fourth place overall from a youthful group that could have easily met the entry requirements for the Youth State Keelboat Championships. Sessions 2 & 3 skippers Zoe Thomson and Ryan Sherburn showed that East Fremantle Yacht Club is an Inter Club Championships contender moving forward!

The day would not have been possible without the efforts and support from the Staff at South of Perth Yacht Club, namely Scott Nunn, Ben Walkemeyer & Fiona Henderson, which we kindly thank them for; the team at South of Perth Yacht Club were so inviting, hospitable and helpful in the lead up to and during this event. Of course, we cannot thank their team of volunteers enough for their time and efforts;

Start Team: Les Swinton (Race Officer), John Rooke, Trish Swinton, John Midolo, Rose Midolo & Lana Laaks

Mark Layers: John Heydon, Stephen Robertson, Clive Blowers, Martyn Compton, Theo Berden, Rita Nesdale, John Oliver & Wendy Oliver

A special thanks also to Richard Goldsmith (Chief Umpire), Christina Heydon (Umpire), Jen Richardson (Umpire) & Michael Taylor (Maintenance) for assisting and making this event possible. It was fantastic to see 15 races across 4 sessions, an Inter Club Championships record!

Next up on Swan River Sailing’s calendar, the last community event for the season, the 2019 College Cup, to be hosted, as always, by Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club on Sunday 5th May.

The 28th Inter Club Championships will be heading over to Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club next year with dates set as Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th April 2020.

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